Fibro Foods founded in the year 2016. It is headquartered in Salem and the preferred contract food manufacturing company in India. The company is manufacturing wide range of products in various food categories. The company is serving national and International clients. At present, the company is the preferred contract food manufacturer in India because it’s transparent business model and gaining popularity among food entrepreneurs. The vision of Fibro Foods is to become one of the Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India in next 5 years.

Services Offered by Fibro Foods

  1. Food Contract Manufacturing Service
  2. Private Label Food Manufacturing Service
  3. New Food Product Development

Food Product Segments

  1. Ready-To-Cook
  2. Ready-To-Mix
  3. Ready-To-Eat
  4. Functional Food

Why Choose Fibro Foods?

  1. Our Experience
  2. Innovation, R&D
  3. One Stop Solution
  4. Best Quality
  5. Modern Facility
  6. Low MOQ
  7. Transparent Business Model
  8. Cost Effective

How to Reach?

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