Makes Your Life Healthier!
Makes your life healthier!
Salem, Tamil Nadu


Eco Friendly Food Company

Our facility includes Eco-Friendly, state-of-the-art machinery capable of manufacturing food products effectively and with consistent quality as per required national and international standard. Customers can take advantage of a diverse range of in-house food processing and manufacturing facilities, delivering a seamless, quality controlled production – taking your food products directly from idea to shelf.

Fibro Foods operates in 20,000 sq.ft food production site in Salem, a city surrounded by hills in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu

Solar Dryer

Doing Our Part: Environmentally, Socially, Economically

Our Eco-Friendly Solar Tunnel Dryers utilize the energy of the sun and wind to dry inputs, preparing them for proper storage and processing. The products dried in Solar Tunnel Dryers are are better in terms of nutrients, hygiene and colour and completely protected from foreign materials.

We are helping to create a sustainable environment and community by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by replacing mechanical dryers with these Solar Tunnel Dryers.

Solar Cold Storage


Our State-Of-The-Art, Eco-Friendly Solar Operated Cold Storage for Raw Materials Storage has ample space to accommodate variety of Raw Materials ranging from Grains, Pulses, Spices, Vegetables, etc

State Of The Art


Our facility has high standard of process innovation and quality machinery designed in tandem with leading food and technology experts made to suit food processing segment. Our facility include various types of heavy duty pulverizers, ribbon blenders, vibro sifters, sautiners and various food processing machinery to ensure our products are delivered in a timely manner.



Fibro Foods offers a comprehensive and innovative array of wholesome, healthy Ready-To-Cook, Ready-To-Mix, Ready-To-Eat and Functional Food Products, championed by a responsive, approachable and experienced team. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you!

Makes Your Life Healthier!
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Siddhar Kovil Main Road
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Siddhar Kovil Main Road

Kandhampatty, Salem

Tamil Nadu, India 636005

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