FIBRO FOODS provides food entrepreneurs the peace of mind through flexibility to efficiently scale production volumes. We are a food contract manufacturer catering to small and medium brands who desire a simple, cost-efficient way to increase their production compared to traditional contract manufacturers. With large range of products, we have the knowledge and ability to help grow your brand to the next level. We provide small start-ups with the opportunity to grow their businesses and remain competitive.

Several clients are already on board; FIBRO FOODS has run production trials for several companies and is scheduled to trials for additional companies this month. A total of over 25 companies have reached out to Fibro Foods to explore Contract Manufacturing in India.

Incubators get small companies started; a food contract manufacturing service provider like FIBRO FOODS enables them to scale up to the next level so they’re not limited by machinery investment, packaging in different formats, etc when big orders come in. This enables the new Food entrepreneurs scale up, but to scale up efficiently.

As a contract manufacturing facility, companies contract to have FIBRO FOODS employees manufacture their food products for them. Ultimately, this gives food entrepreneurs the ability to focus on marketing and growing their brand, while FIBRO FOODS takes their recipe and make the product to specification.

So while providing a platform for food entrepreneurs to efficiently scale up production is the foundation of FIBRO FOODS, the heart of the operation is fueling a healthier food system that benefits many others along the way – from local consumers, to small business owners needing that in-between space to expand and prosper.

If you are Food entrepreneur, looking forward to scale up your food production with zero investment, look no further – Just reach us through this link to explore more.