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Food Design Thinking


Human-Centered Approach to innovation

We believe design is about understanding people. If you don’t understand who you are designing for, you will never achieve something they will ultimately desire.. It is crucial to understand people, their living and working conditions, and asking relevant questions related to their day-to-day food needs. If we focus on people’s needs rather than the product or technology, they will be served better than now.

Our Food Design Thinking™approach is a systematic, human-centered method to solve complex problems within all aspects of life. Our Food Design Thinker steps into the end-users shoe and observes the problem from another side, thoroughly observes user’s behavior, consider factors such as viability, feasibility, and usability.

Why develop new product with FIBRO?

Feasibility Study
Research based concept development with POC
Prototype Development
Laboratory testing support
Regulatory compliance support
Recipe Optimization & Standardization
Plant Trials & Production
Pilot plan experiments assistance
Packaging materials recommendation

Our Product Development Process

Food Design Thinking ™


Explore & Discover, with an open mind, seek human-centric insights


Finding problems worth solving; Maximising business value


Incremental, Radical - a range of options; moving into whitespace


Build and visualize the solutions; Making the idea tangible


Iterate, Test, Pivot & Validate; Creating superior user engagements


Adaptation of the selected idea to greatly improved the user experience

Our Product Development Capabilities

  • Spice Powders, Masala Blends and Soup Powders
  • Cereals, Extruded and Puffed Products
    • Snack Bar, Energy Bar, Protein Bar & Keto Bar
    • Extruded Snacks
    • Puffed Snacks
    • Baked Snacks
  • Health Mixes, Beverage Mixes, Flavoured Tea & Protein Powder Mixes
  • Ready To Cook Instant Mixes
  • Ready To Eat Gravies & Chutneys
  • Ready To Drink Beverages
  • Sauces & Dips
  • Nutraceutical Powder Mixes

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