Food Contract manufacturing… what it is exactly?

Let’s assume that you have formula for the food and want to manufacture it. However, you are ready to spend on capital expenses like land, factory setup, machines, etc. This is where the Contract manufacturing helps you. I.e., a company who already has all the necessary infrastructure and willing to manufacture your product for you. In simple terms… Your Brand + Your Product + Someone Manufactures!

What are the benefits by doing Contract Manufacturing?

  • Allows you to maximize profits by saving time and money.
  • Contract Manufacturers have a good understanding of your project and industry and able to handle your project from start to finish.
  • Makes it easier to manage your budget. The producer may even offer discounts to customers who purchases higher volume.
  • You don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of your product. You just need to have a solid formula, a business and a marketing team. The rest can be handled by your contract manufacturer.
  • Your Contract Manufacturer already has the tools and equipment required for production, so you don’t need to spend extra on these things.

What are the negatives of Contract Manufacturing?

  • Partnering with unreliable or inexperienced manufacturers may lead to quality issues in the product, unexpected shutdown & fluctuation in production.
  • Risk losing the intellectual property & have less control over the product. A solid contract shall help you avoid any issues and conflicts that may arise.

How Fibro Foods can help you?

Fibro Foods has vast experience in producing customized products to your specification, from idea to reality. We manufacture wholesome, healthy Ready-To-Cook, Ready-To-Mix, Ready-To-Eat and Functional Food Products for third parties, under exclusivity and NDA, with long term partnership. Read more about our Contract Manufacturing services and Contact us for further discussion.