As we know Instant Noodles in India are gaining popularity at an extreme rate. If you are looking for Private Label Instant Noodles Manufacturer in India, then you’ve landed at the right place.

Fibro Foods from India is a leading Contract Food Manufacturer & Private Label Food Manufacturer for many brands. We have the experience and expertise to manufacture delicious and nutritious instant noodles as per the customer’s specifications. Fibro Foods has a world-class manufacturing facility with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certifications. Besides the above, our facility is also registered with US FDA. The company is proud of its 100+ private label products and 30+ clients across the globe.

Fibro Foods is a Private Label Instant Noodles Manufacturer in India. Partner with Us and Increase Your Store Brand’s Market Share for Instant Noodles. Types of Noodles we manufacture on a Private label basis or Contract Manufacturing basis are given below.

    • Regular Instant Noodles
    • Millet Noodles
    • Multi-Grain Noodles
    • Ragi / Finger Millet Noodles
    • Foxtail Millet Noodles
    • Little Millet Noodles
    • Kodo Millet Noodles
    • Barnyard Millet Noodles
    • Jowar / Great Millet Noodles
    • Bajra / Pearl Millet Noodles
    • Brown Top Millet Noodles
    • Moringa Noodles
    • Buckwheat Noodles
    • Amaranth Noodles
    • Quinoa Noodles

Our tasty and nutritious Noodles come in a size of 175g pack which includes a tastemaker in every pack. Packed with Flavor!!!

Fibro Foods as a Manufacturer of Instant Noodle on Private Label basis has the experience and expertise to create you your customized flavor and packaging for your needs. We use the highest quality raw materials for instant noodles and constantly improving recipes will allow our customers to enjoy only the highest quality products.

Launch your Instant Noodles brand by just Contacting us for a no-obligation discussion. We are very excited to begin working with you and look forward to doing what is necessary to turn this into a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.