Sprouted Bajra Flour / Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour

Contract Manufacturer of Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour, Private Label Manufacturer of Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour, Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour Wholesale Supplier

Pearl Millet is sprouted and dried at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrition. These grains are then milled to attain their fine texture. Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour is easy for kids to digest and can be used as an ingredient in infant foods. Fibro Foods manufactures Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour in batches to ensure freshness by following Good Manufacturing Practices.

Sprouted Pearl Millet also referred with the below alternate names:

  • Sprouted Bajra Flour
  • Sprouted Kambu Flour
  • Sprouted Sajjalu Flour
  • Sprouted Sajje Flour
  • Sprouted Kambam Flour
  • Sprouted Bajri Flour

Product Code
Packaging Type
Laminated Stand Up Pouch / Center Seal Pouch Or Plastic Jar
Packaging Size
200g, 500g, 1kg & 25kgs
Shelf Life
3 Months
Sprouted Bajra/ Sprouted Pearl Millet
Minimum Order Quantity
100 kgs