Ready To Cook Foods that are processed and/or prepared to be ready to cook with very little additional effort. Upward trends in busier lifestyles, rising income levels of consumers and rising demand for convenience products drives the Ready-to-cook (RTC) food market

The Indian middle class, in particular, is witnessing a paradigm shift in their lifestyle and living standards. Presently, nuclear families and bachelors residing in metropolitans for academic and employment purposes are among the major consumers of RTC food products. Due to cultural diversities, companies are increasingly focusing on launching regional RTC products. Another factor driving the penetration of RTC food products is their easy availability across major retail chains, hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country. The RTC food market has been segmented into breakfast mixes, meal mixes, dessert mixes, snack mixes and curry mixes. Currently, Northern states of India accounts for the largest revenue share in the country’s RTC market. Major reason for North India’s dominance include higher employment opportunities and rising disposable income level of people residing in this region.

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